Pickaway County Family & Children First Council


Job Description

Title:     Executive Director

Pickaway County Family & Children First Council (PCFCFC)

Status:            Full-time

Reports to:     PCFCFC Executive Committee / Pickaway County Commissioners

Supervisory Responsibilities of staff in all program areas, including: Multi System Youth, Early Intervention, Parent Education, Safe Communities Grant

General Description: 

The Council Director’s responsibilities include: Leading the Council in creating a vision and annual goals and objectives to improve the services provided to children and families; supervising all Council staff and volunteers; providing oversight and administration of all funding sources associated with the Council; liaison between the local Council and local and state partners. Responsible for execution of funding agreements and for ensuring all contract terms and conditions are fulfilled in the delivery of services. Manages all agency operations, including budgeting and fiscal functions in cooperation with the Administrative Agent.

Provides overall staff support to the Council committees to achieve objectives of work plans. Acts as liaison to Ohio Family and Children First Council. Leads community efforts to produce a shared plan that identifies gaps, needs, priorities, shared resources, and shared accountability to inform improvement of services for children and families.

Essential Functions:  

  • Provides professional leadership in planning, development, evaluation, organization and collaboration of Pickaway County Family & Children First Council.
  • Plans and directs the Council’s programs in accordance with federal, state, and local mandates.
  • Monitors revenues and expenditures to assure sound fiscal management; develops and provides budget proposals to the Executive/Finance Committee for approval each year with ongoing accountability to that Committee. Integrates multiple sources of revenue to achieve objectives of all programs.
  • Works with Pickaway County organizations to assess the needs of children and families and strategic planning of funding sources, service providers, families, and the community to achieve the goals of the Family & Children First Council’s initiatives.
  • Fosters communication, cooperation, and effective community resource utilization among local child- and family-serving agencies.
  • Represents Pickaway County at local and state meetings, or on councils or boards relating to children and families.
  • Provides leadership and direction in the development of short- and long-range plans for the Council.
  • Arranges Council meetings and events and maintains records of those meetings.
  • Responsible for ensuring governance and all operations follow ORC 121.37.
  • As per ORC 121.37, assuring the coordination and development of effective implementation of comprehensive joint service plans for individual children and families served in Council programs including, Multi-System Youth Advisory Board and Early Intervention.
  • Ensures communications between the Council, Executive Committee, collaborative efforts, committees, and consumers.
  • Oversees financial management of administrative budget and any special funding including grants administration and MSY Pooled Funds with support and oversight of funding partners and stakeholders.
  • Responsible for contract execution and for ensuring all terms and conditions are met.
  • Writes and submits grants and prepares required reports.
  • Acts as liaison/resource for local and state Councils to achieve objectives of initiative.
  • Performs other duties as requested by the PCFCFC Executive Committee.

Distribution of Time:

Leadership of PCFCFC (planning, development, collaboratiPon)  30%

Supervising council staff, committees & volunteers (includes MSY, HMG) 30%

Oversight of financial matters of council (includes budgeting and grant writing, execution of funding agreements)  40%

Qualifications & Prior Experience:    Bachelor’s degree in social work, planning, public administration, or closely related field with experience.

Experience working with children and families.

Knowledge and understanding of Pickaway County human service community and resources, including, but not limited to: Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, Job and Family Services, Juvenile Court, behavioral health.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Successful grant writing and reporting experience.

Community-needs assessment experience preferred.

Experience facilitating cross-system committees to produce consensus on priorities and plans to address the identified priorities.

Knowledge of and experience with data gathering and analysis techniques, grants process and skills in writing and analysis.

Experience with budgeting and fiscal management, preferably in a government setting.

Ability to travel in-state for required training that may include minimal overnight stays.


Pickaway County Family & Children First Council